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Bagos - Oaklyn Plantation

Bagos - Oaklyn Plantation
South Carolina, USA
+1 843-395-0793
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The chickens are raised by David White on a family farm in Darlington South Carolina. Oaklyn Plantation Chickens are raised completely differently from ordinary supermarket chickens, and you'll taste the difference!

The reason our chicken tastes so good is they are raised outside on pasture rather than in crowded poultry houses. They have constant access to a natural diet and enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We do not use artificial growth promotants; do not feed meat or bone meal; and do not use antibiotics. Our chickens mature at their natural pace and offer you outstanding taste and healthy meals. USDA rules are pretty lax when it comes to claims of free-range . All that is required is the poultry have "access" to the outside.

We, and farmers like us around the country ( APPPA) raise our birds outside on pasture where the birds can scratch in the soil, eat green plants and whatever bugs they find. We move the birds to clean ground regularly. This has the added advantage of spreading the poultry litter around which is important to the management of our fields. Raising chickens in this way takes a little longer. Our birds reach marketable weights in 8-10 weeks as opposed to 6 weeks which is the industry standard. We believe this longer growout period is a key factor in making the chicken taste so good.

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