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Emilia Traditional and Organic

Emilia Traditional and Organic
129 Macpherson St
NSW 2024
02 9386 1516
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All Emilia's products are made from certified organic ingredients including
all flours, free-range eggs, milk, meat & vegetables
and some imported ingredients from Emilia.

Large filled pasta (7x5cm) 400gms
Spinach with ricotta & herbs
Pumpkin with ricotta & herbs
Radicchio with ricotta & herbs
Artichoke with ricotta and herbs
Nettle with Ricotta & herbs
Beetroot & Chevre
Porcini wild Italian mushroom
Crab and Prawn (WA Blue swimmer and Aust Prawns)
Duck and Truffle (free-range)

Small filled pasta (3x3cm) 400gms
Organic Australian Beef
Chicken, pumpkin & zucchini
Veal, spinach & sweet potato
Parmigiano & Ricotta

700gms & 1.4 Kg
Organic Beef & Besciamella serves 2
Organic Beef & Besciamella serves 4
Pesto & Besciamella serves 2
Pesto & Besciamella serves 4
Australian Prawn & Zuchini serves 2
Australian Prawn & Zuchini serves 4

Plain Pasta
400gms & 1kg
Certified organic flours, eggs & water used
Certified organic Spelt flour eggs & water

400 gms
Spinach, Ricotta and herb Tortelli
Porcini wild Italian mushroom Tortelli
Organic Australian Beef Ravioli
Veal, spinach & sweet potato Ravioli

Organic hand made Sauces
Tomato & Basil – (Nonna's ricette)
Spicy (olive,caper,chillie,tomato & basil)
Faso (hard working bean and tomato peasant dish)
Porcini e Pomodoro - (Wild Italian mushroom & tomato)
Porcini e Crema - (Wild Italian mushroom & cream)
Veal and Porcini Ragu
Walnut & Gorgonzola
Pesto (basil, rocket, parsley & macadamia)
Bolognese Sauce
Brodo (beef and chicken stock) 1 litre
Brodo (vegetable stock) 1 litre

Semifreddo200gms or 350gms
Tiramisu 200gms or 350gms

Visit our website and place your orders online or visit us at the EQ Markets at Moore Park


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