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The Grape Alternative

The Grape Alternative
PO Box 840
NSW 2850
02 6373 1337
02 6373 1338
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Wine Jellies   300g    $13.00
Cabernet & Cracked Pepper 2 Trophies, 5 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals
The rich berry flavours followed by spicy pepper is ideal with Veal, Steak and Tasty Cheese.
Riesling Ginger & Lime 2 Gold medals
Light fruity Riesling with Ginger and Lime makes a delicious accompaniment with Fish, Chicken, Pork and Vegetable Stir-fries.
Shiraz & Lemon Thyme 2 Trophies, 2 Gold & Bronze medals
Subtle and delicious with Ham, Chicken, Turkey and Fish

Cabernet Rosé & Rosemary
2 Silver & Bronze medals
The best possible accompaniment to Roast Pork, also Lentil Burgers and Lamb.

Traminer & Fresh Mint 2 Gold & 2 Silver medals
Absolutely stunning on Roast Lamb and Pork
Semillon & Wild Quince Gold, Silver & Bronze medals
Perfect with Pork, Chicken, Duck, as an accompaniment with Cheese or on Toast of Fresh Bread.
Blackberry & Port Wine Jelly (sweet, but can be used with Game Meats) 2 Bronze
Cumquat & Muscat Wine Jelly
(sweet especially use with Croissants) 1 Gold
Jam &Marmalade    300g    $13.00
Chardonnay Chilli & Garlic Jam
(savoury) salmon fillets, bbq sausages rissoles & steak
Shiraz & Red Onion Marmalade
(savoury) Rissoles, Sausages and Steak Silver & Bronze Medals

Wine Jelly Cheese Collection  3 x 50g jars $16.50
nuts Semillon Infused Quince Paste; Plum & Port Paste; Pear & Liqueur Muscat Paste (when available)  135g   $7.00
Handmade Semillon infused Quince Paste, rich quince and wine flavours, excellent with Cheese and a Ploughman's Lunch
Our full flavoured Plum & Port Paste will 'cellar' (for the want of a better word) for 6 to 8 months and will  reward you with a rich intergrated and fuller plum flavour. Accompany with Cheese can be used with Roasts especially Pork. The Pear & Liqueur Muscat Paste is fantastic with Brie or any soft cheese.
Nuts in Cinnamon Honey    300g jar   $16.00
Made with top quality raw mixed nuts and soaked in famous Mudgee Honey and Cinnamon to make a product that tastes as good as it looks....more-ish!

250ml  $13.00
500ml  $24.00

  All the sauces can be used as marinades, dipping sauces, in your cooking or as glazes.
Killer Chilli & Garlic Sauce
Seafood, Chicken, Steak or just about anything
Cheeky Ginger & Lemon Sauce
Chicken, Fish, Seafood & Pork
Monster Mint & Chilli Sauce
Lamb, Thai Stir Fry & Salad Dressings

Syrups     250ml   $13.00

Sultry Strawberry & Semillon Syrup
BBQ Mango, icecream, fresh fruit, waffles, pikelets, cream & champagne 

Precocious Pear & Liqueur Muscat Syrup
Plum pudding, icecream, fruit, cream & champagne 

Passionate Plum & Port Syrup
Winter puddings, desserts & champagne

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