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Lakeland Olives & Olive Oil

Lakeland Olives & Olive Oil
69 Louee Street,
NSW 2849
+61(2)6379 4819
+61(2)6379 4815
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Lakelands Olives Biodynamic Organic Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil
A unique olive oil made from Australian grown Tuscan variety Frantoio with fresh, grassy and fragrant fruity aromas. Elegant olive fruit flavour on the palate is balanced by a subtle but lasting spicy finish. An excellent oil for salads and vegetable dishes.

Lakelands Olives Biodynamic Organic Extra Virgin Special Reserve Olive Oil
This blend of Australian grown olive varieties Corregiola, Manzanillo and Leccinno exhibits intense herbaceous aromas with apple undertones and a rich fresh olive fruit flavour matched by an attractive savoury pungency on the finish. A versatile oil that is perfect for drizzling over soups just before serving, to dress salads or add to a marinade

Lakelands Olives Biodynamic Organic Extra Virgin Basil Crush Olive Oil
This unique basil flavoured oil is made by crushing fresh hand picked biodynamic organic olives with estate grown biodynamic organic basil leaves. This elegant oil has the delicate aroma of fresh basil and is a combination of subtle basil and fresh grassy olive oil flavours balanced by a peppery finish. Delicious drizzled over salads or pasta or thick slices of ripe tomato

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