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Kialla Pure Foods

Kialla Pure Foods
Greenmount Etonvale Road
QLD 4359
61 7 4697 0300
61 6 4697 0399
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Kialla Pure Foods, situated on the Darling Downs west of Brisbane, is Australia's largest organic cereal grain manufacturer.

Kialla Pure Foods is a family owned and operated enterprise, which has grown rapidly to supply high quality produce to a growing organic consumer base. Over 16 years of reliable organic production has forged Kialla a hard earned reputation for professionalism and integrity, both locally and in overseas markets. The company mills only 100% certified GMO free organic cereal grains with no cross contamination from non-organic grains. An efficient modern complex prepares and manufactures a wide range of cereal grains, specialty flours, semolinas, premixes and other value-added products - sold direct to consumers, as well as to industrial, institutional and breakfast cereal markets. "Food safety… Customer Service…. Competitive pricing… Quality of Product… and Reliability of Supply are Kialla Pure Food’s major cornerstones for conducting business"
Free of Artificial Fertilisers and Synthetic Chemicals

On the rich Darling Downs, just two hours drive west of Brisbane, is Australia’s leading organic food processor. Kialla Pure Foods Pty Ltd was established in 1983 as a small family-operated enterprise and expanded rapidly as consumer demand grew.

An efficient, modern complex covering 2500 sq metres now prepares a large variety of grains, legumes and seeds producing an extensive range of high quality products for domestic and export markets.

All our crops are grown in fertile, well balanced soils, free of artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals. Sound regenerative organic farming systems are practised.

After harvesting, all grain is stored in silos treated with carbon dioxide to eliminate insect infestation.

A modern production system handles a number of types of cereal grains, legumes and seeds. Products range from whole grains through varying levels of refinement to fine flours.

Our milling processes are based on the use of traditional solid mill-stones and incorporate the best of modern technology. These mill-stones generate minimal heat causing less damage to grain enzymes. Very little refinement is performed, so throughout the whole production system optimum nutrition and flavour is maintained.

There are no synthetic chemicals used in the operation of Kialla Pure Foods Pty Ltd which is certified organic by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) – P41 and the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) – 4086P.

After processing, all products are stored in controlled atmosphere cold rooms at 11° C.

Quality Assurance procedures are adhered to throughout all processing, packaging and storage operations.

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