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The Food Coach

The Food Coach
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The Food Coach is just that, your own personal coach and guide to better ways to prepare and eat healthy foods.

This is like a reference site with a vast selection of healthy recipes, cookery books, and a great library on food values.  You might like Leeks but have no real idea of the benefits of eating them, or even what's in them.  Here's an example:

The leek is a member of the same family as garlic and onion. It is the symbol of the Welsh. Leeks are sweet tasting and delicious in soups. Leeks are long and straight, made up of layers of leaves white at the base, ranging to dark green at the ends.

Category: Vegetable
In Season:
To Buy: Buy small to medium sized leeks that are crisp and fresh in colour. Avoid them if they have dry, discoloured tops.
To Store: Store in a plastic bag in the crisper section of the fridge for up to 5 days.
Tips & Tricks: Wash leeks very thoroughly - to wash remove the dark green leaves. Slice down the length of the leek (don't cut all the way through). Place the cut end under cold running water, fanning out the leaves and ensuring all the grit is removed.

This is then followed by a very handy guide to the nutrient content of the food.  Very handy for those on a special diet ! Whatsmore, she tells you how to cook them, and their benefits for various health conditions.

Contributors to the site are many and varied and all well qualified and knowledgeable.

Many websurfers seek tasty, healthy and easy to follow recipes.  You will definitely find them here.  Homemade food would recommend Judy's book as we know many of the recipes really do work.

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